Alliance management training

Professional development and leadership training

Our alliance management training cources are customised courses for newly appointed alliance managers and partnership teams.

It is a suite of alliance management courses designed to provide alliance managers and their organizations wih:

  • Core knowledge
  • Implementation skills
  • Alliance judgement capability
  • The suite of five alliance management courses respectively focuses on:
  • Introduction to alliance management
  • Alliance lifecycle management: integration, implementation and transformation
  • Partner relationship management: launching and accelerating relationships
  • Building high performance cross-functional and cross-border teams
  • Alliance metrics and performance measurement

The alliance management training courses are continuously being developed to reflect best business practices, incorporate academic findings and by exchanging knowledge and experience with our peers in our partnership provider network and the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals. ASAP is a professional forum that focuses on the design, development and implementation of high-performance alliance management "systems" for private, corporate and public sector organizations.

Simulettes: prepare for real-world alliance challenges and situations through interactive workshop simulations

A Simulette is an interactive classroom business situation that introduces users to common real-world situations, and allows them to work through how to handle these situations prior to experiencing them on the job.

ASAP (Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals) is the leading global professional association dedicated to alliance formation and practice. Through working with alliance management executives, ASAP has developed the ASAP Alliance Best Practice Simulette®, which is an electronic suite of simulettes working as a training tools ideal for corporate alliance team development.

The simulettes are not designed to reflect any one specific company's environment but rather to present issues and obstacles generally faced by alliance partners, that is, each ASAP simulette covers a different topic of relevance to alliance management.

Simulated topics include:

  • Resolving conflict
  • Aligned decision making
  • Developing influence strategies
  • Enhancing trust
  • Partner in competition with the alliance
  • Renegotiating the agreement
  • Performance management
  • Contingency planning

Each simulette is an interactive session based on case questions where decisions and choices may take several, different forms such as single-choice, multiple-choice, choose all that apply and enter values.

A simulette session is designed for a running time between 15 and 30 minutes, and can be completed by individuals or small teams.

The advantage is that unlike a 'manual' or case study, simulations provide users an opportunity to immerse themselves in an environment where they can explore learning objectives. The learning is achieved by allowing users to consider options, make mistakes in a safe environment and draw conclusions from the experience to develop and retain critical thinking. Understanding "why" is more powerful than simply being told "how".

Your company can choose to conduct the ASAP simulettes with InterMark as facilitator or run the ASAP simulette software with an internal instructor.

Our alliance training programs are designed to help you and your alliance staff, prepare for CA-AM and CSAP - a two step certification program

ASAP (Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals) has developed a broad-based, highly professional two step Alliance Management Certification Program.
Earning a professional certification through ASAP means that one has demonstrated the appropriate education and/or professional experience; passed a rigorous examination; and committed to maintaining their active certification through meeting continuing certification requirements.

The alliance management program allows the individual to focus initially on a knowledge base with a degree of experience (CA-AM), and secondly to capitalize on established expertise of the profession through assessment of the individual's competency regarding advanced knowledge and proven experience as an alliance management practitioner (CSAP):

Step One - Certification of Achievement-Alliance Management (CA-AM):
Demonstrate an entry level competency in the creation and management of alliances through a combination of post-secondary education, alliance related experience and passing score on a standardized exam. the CA-AM is based on ASAP's Best Practices Manual.

Step Two - Certified Strategic Alliance Professional (CSAP):
In addition to achieving CA-AM status the individual is expected to accumulate additional alliance education and experience points and pass a standardized exam.
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